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Good Links From The Zen Ranch:

rivertubesdave@hotmail.com    Contact the Zen Ranch

http://www.rivertubes.com/    lo-fi and DIY

http://www.calledinsick.net/    Fast and Fun

http://remarkrecords.weebly.com/  Remark Records, it's a D.I.Y. label from Sweden.

www.myspace.com/seriestworecords   CDR label with great international compilations

http://www.homegrownnoodles.com/    Label - Shagbark and more!

http://www.pickmansmodel.net/    DIY Seattle Movie Project

http://www.indiepages.com/    Everything Good about music

http://www.blissaquamarine.net/    Indie, Alternative & Underground Music Fanzine

http://www.eco-nomic.com/    Everything goes somewhere

http://www.iuma.com/    Tons of great bands

http://www.garageband.com  Another ton of bands 

http://www.kexp.org    Seattle - Listener powered radio

http://www.asaurus.org/records/    lo-fi, indie and quiet noise

http://www.shmat.com/    indie reviews lo-fi bands diy underground music

http://www.nw-radio.com    Northwest - Online Radio

http://www.threeimaginarygirls.com/index.asp    Indie-pop, zine

http://www.indieville.com/    independent music served fresh n' hot

http://www.indieville.com/blod/index.htm    BLOD - the humor zine for intellectual minds

http://magicmarkerrecords.com/          Magic Marker

http://lonelywhistle.tripod.com/           The World Of Underground Music and Radio

http://www.kkup.com                          Beholden to no one but the listeners

http://www.kkup.org/dj/dc.html          No Pigeonholes Home Recording Radio


Zen Ranch    Email:  rivertubesdave@hotmail.com